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From my experience, the Pretty ones are very conceited even when they are friendly, whereas the Plain Janes have better personalities and are down-to-Earth.Do any of you other gentlemen find that to be the case?There are times I think WOW you THINK that person is good looking? There are people who behave badly no matter what they look like, and perhaps they weren't brought up with proper manners then to act that way.I think of the wicked witch handing snow white the need to walk away, because while you are going on about how beautiful that person is that you can't walk away from there is a friend standing there wondering what on earth you see in them... Pretty women are lovely inside and out often or biaches and plain women are often bitter or nasty or also lovely natured.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people become beautiful in my eyes as I get to know and appreciate them despite how they may actually look.

at least come up with a better excuse for crying out the date sucks and you want to leave, don't say something like "oh, my pager's going off.

Isn’t this better than looking for romantic partners and other people in our lives, to fill voids or even parent us?

We have to do the adult thing and stop obeying shame and start obeying the call from within to take better care of us.

Plain Jane beautify with tons of makeups and cosmetic surgery are b itches, they think they world owes them and men are their slaves...

A beautiful woman who has a beautiful eyes, look for the good of others; Her beautiful lips speak only words of kindness; And her poise walk with the knowlege that she is never alone...........

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