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I’m not gonna lie to you, even this vertical is harder to make money with than it was couple years ago …

but it’s not because people are not interesting into dating anymore, it’s because of the competition.

There are verticals that come and go, some are seasonal and only popular during certain periods of the year, some become saturated and impossible to make profits with after a while …

and then there are some, that are always working to some extent, no matter what – Let’s call them the evergreens 🙂 Dating is one of such evergreen verticals, it has it’s ups and downs, but it keeps on converting year after year.

Evgeniy, On the other hand, DOI offers pay significantly more per conversion than SOI offers and it’s also less common to run into lead quality problems with DOI offers.

The above described is the “original” DOI flow, these days you might see several variations of it too.

The easier something is to convert, the lower the payout usually is. Lower paying offers can actually make you more money, they are easier to test and require lower initial testing budget.

To name some CONS too, SOI leads are usually most prone to quality problems and advertisers are quite strict with initial caps …

This is another payout model you can use with dating offers, the principle is very simple again, you get paid a certain % rate from every membership you can sell.

This means, no matter how many SOI or DOI registrations you achieve, you will not get paid for them.

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