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Quandle gives you that data functionality, granting you access to their massive range of datasets.

You can also cross-reference the dataset with graphs found on their site.

Sometimes though, we just want something a little different.

Here’s where Bubbles is useful, providing you a fun, immediately accessible interactive data visualization experience. I would stick with the default colors–the Night Vision offering makes my eyes bleed.

If you want to get really good results, you need to download some kind of graphics software or other editing app, and put it through its paces.

When we think about editing photos, we can mean a simple crop or a resize, we can mean effects and filters, we can mean adding text and other layers, and we can mean more advanced editing which is usually done by more powerful programs.

We can think of all these things when we say “photo editing”, but there’s one thing we’re usually sure of, no matter what our purpose is: we’re going to need to download something.

Pro-Tip: Follow the on page instructions for advanced search within the Quandle add-in–it’s worth it if you’ve something specific to find.

Now, I haven’t had a chance to use this add-in, but it certainly looks very interesting. Anyone who loves data visualization give this a try.

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