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Since June 2017 the post is occupied by Cressida Dick.

A number of informal names and abbreviations are applied to the Metropolitan Police Service, the most common being the Met.

The figures represent further embarrassment for a force which recruited just one black officer last month among 162 new recruits.

In total 450 West Midlands Police officers are being investigated and five have been suspended.

Tippa Naphtali, a community activist in Birmingham, said: “Some officers have it in their heads that any black person, regardless of size, is going to be violent and their response coincides with that in terms of levels of brutality or restraint they use.”The Met currently has 1,185 officers on full duty even though they are under investigation regarding 714 alleged assault cases.

Ethnicity of the complainant has been recorded in 443 cases.

obtained the figures after sending Freedom of Information requests to all 45 UK police forces.

Of the forces that responded at least 3,082 officers are being investigated.

This included 32,125 sworn police officers, 9,521 police staff, and 1,626 non-sworn police community support officers.The IPCC is still investigating and asked Bedfordshire Police to suspend six officers connected the incident, but it refused. The London Campaign against Police and State Violence is organising a “Black Lives Matter” protest outside the US embassy on Tuesday called “From Bedford to Baltimore”.It said the “solidarity vigil” was being held “to stand with the family and friends of victims of police violence in Baltimore and also victims of police brutality in the UK”.Where the conduct of staff is proven to have fallen below the standards of behaviour expected, the MPS will take robust action to ensure that its staff are appropriately disciplined and that lessons are learnt.”But the spokeswoman added: “The Commissioner has recognised that there remains a risk that the MPS is still institutionally racist in some of what it does because there remain elements of disproportionality, despite significant progress over many years.”Problems also exist beyond the capital.The Bedfordshire PCs Christopher Pitts and Christopher Thomas have been suspended on full pay since March last year over their detention of Faruk Ali, a 33-year-old man with learning difficulties.

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