Ponder dating espn reporter

But this is:“There’s been a thousand articles today about it,” Ponder said. You’ve got to try to keep it private, but that’s just part of the industry, part of the job. Comes with the territory.“I’m proud of the relationship,” Ponder said, smiling. I’ve got bragging rights, I believe.”Ponder has already taken to mocking his significant other on Twitter, so you know it's serious.

The 31-year-old sportscaster is expecting her second child with her San Francisco 49ers quarterback husband, Christian Ponder.

network: • A-Rod says he won't waive no-trade clause • Gaints rookie David Wilson compares himself to 'birth control' • Tallest U. network: • A-Rod says he won't waive no-trade clause • Gaints rookie David Wilson compares himself to 'birth control' • Tallest U.

What is up with bad quarterbacks dating beautiful women? The next QB in line is Christian Ponder, who is now reportedly dating ESPN reporter Samantha Steele. Well Lochte made an appearance on "College Gameday" yesterday (that show with Sam Steele) and proceeded to make himself look dumber than ever.

"She told me that it wouldn’t be an issue and I took her word for it.

Most weeks I don’t even realize that Scout is with us -- that’s how little impact it has on the rest of us. I have a hard time getting from point A to point B during the season." "I don’t want to take the kindness they have shown me for granted," Ponder said. Everybody from Lee Fitting on down has [been] really patient with me, and as anyone who is a new parent knows, those first few months are a roller coaster ride.

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I called [senior coordinating producer] Ed Placey in July because I was not going to be able to make something because I did not have child care for that day. He said, 'She is only little once.' To me as a mom, it made me realize they get it and they were willing to stick with me." The toughest thing for Ponder this fall, she said, is knowing that Scout is away from her father, Christian Ponder, a quarterback for the Vikings and a former Florida State football player.The three generations of Steele women then travel together to the site of College Game Day. I was interviewing him a couple of hours before kickoff and my mom was standing off to the side holding Scout. ' He is just one of those coaches that sees the big picture and it was just really cool to talk to [him] about family and having a perspective beyond football." Ponder says she has been careful to make sure Scout doesn't interfere with either of the ESPN productions.Cindi and Scout usually stay inside the hotel during games given the weather. 27 game between LSU and Texas A&M in College Station, Scout came for the pregame and made fast friends with LSU coach Les Miles. He comes up to me, points and says, 'Is that your daughter? She praised the Game Day staff for its support and care (Scout travels from town to town with an embroidered blanket given to her by Desmond Howard and his wife, Rebkah) and said there have only been a handful of times where child care issues arose.She previously replaced Erin Andrews as the host of College Game Day in 2012, and also serves as the network’s sideline reporter for college football and basketball.Despite a few trolls, dozens of fans shared encouraging messages with her.

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