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Fe was analyzed for amongst the major elements by ICP-OES as Fe and reported accordingly, but separate analyses for Fe as Fe O were also undertaken via wet chemistry methods.

From the parking area at the end of the road, the Mangateopopo Valley walking trail was followed to the base of the Ngauruhoe cone, from where the darker-colored recent lava flows were clearly visible and each one easily identified on the northwestern slopes against the lighter-colored older portions of the cone (fig. Eleven 2–3 kg samples were collected: two each from the February 11, 1949, June 4, 1954, and July 14, 1954, lava flows and from the February 19, 1975, avalanche deposits; and three from the June 30, 1954 lava flows. All samples were sent first for sectioning one thin section from each sample for petrographic analysis.

And there are mantle–crust domains between, and within which, argon circulates during global tectonic processes, magma genesis, and mixing of crustal materials.

This has significant implications for the validity of K-Ar and This paper was originally published in the Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Creationism, pp.

It has been interpreted as oblique subduction of the Pacific plate beneath the Australian plate.

The zone extends approximately 300 km north-northeast across the North Island from Ohakune to White Island (fig.

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