Prehistoric indian artifacts dating

"Looking at the chemistry of the food can tell us what plants and animals are there.You can tell generally what they were cooking in the pot.Delicately carved arrowheads made of both light and dark chert, all shapes and sizes. Larger sharp, butterfly-shaped pieces of stone, probably tools, and smooth flat rocks with small holes in the center that might have adorned the necks of people alive thousands of years ago.

Some of the 120 artifacts date 350 years, while others date as far as 5,000 years."She didn't like to throw things away and she had so much stuff.There was still furniture from the 50s in the attic."The stone pieces had been scattered throughout the house.Over the years, those stone pieces were collected and tucked away.It took Ellsworth just a few weeks after her grandmother's death in June to go through the keepsakes in her Springport home."She was kind of a clean hoarder," she said.

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