Protective factors against dating violence

Intimate partners may be current or former spouses or dating partners.There are four main types of violence: physical violence, sexual violence, threats of physical and sexual violence, and emotional abuse.As youth grow and reach their developmental competencies, there are contextual variables that promote or hinder the process.These are frequently referred to as protective and risk factors.According to the Center for the Study of Social Policy, research shows that these protec­tive factors are also “promotive” factors that build family strengths and a family environment that promotes optimal child and youth development. Children are differentially impacted by exposure to domestic violence based on a variety of factors Garmezy, N. Emerging Responses to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence. Caregiving and developmental factors differentiating young at-risk urban children showing resilient versus stress-affected outcomes: A replication and extension.

The report provides an overview of mental health as well as a section targeted at children’s mental health.

The current study sought to identify the risk and protective factors evident in early adolescence that are associated with sexual and dating violence victimization in late adolescence. oversaw data collection and conducted the statistical analysis; Both authors read and approved the final manuscript.

The sample involved 236 (52 % female) low-income Latino (69 %) and African American (31 %) youth, their older sisters, and their mothers who were studied when youth were, on average, ages 13 and 18 years. conceived of the study, interpreted the data, and drafted the manuscript.

Not all young people are affected in the same way, and in fact many children are resilient, able to heal and go on to thrive.

Various risk and protective factors among the child, family, and community can impact the ways in which children and teens process and understand the exposure to violence.

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