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Every second 28,258 people are viewing sexually explicit material online (“Pornography Statistics,” n.d.).Every second, 75.62 is spent, which makes the pornography industry larger than the revenues of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, e Bay, Yahoo! The United States is the largest contributor of websites and maintains a billion business.These numbers swell as companies target younger and younger kids.By linking sites to popular cartoons, the average age of first exposure is 11 years old.Many people do not believe that their involvement in sexually explicit material, even excessively, is truly a problem.Recent studies show that 67% of young men felt that viewing sexually explicit material was acceptable while 87% still partook (Carroll, Padilla-Walker, Nelson, Olson, Barry & Madsen, 2008).

There are 3 primary elements to this non-relational sexuality.15% of erotic materials portray men using violence against women, 70% have men dominating or degrading women, while only 15% show a balance of power between the two individuals (Levant & Brooks, 1997).In a survey of adult movies, 1 in 5 showed a completed rape that resulted in an orgasm for the victim.The new definition states that “any behavior used to produce gratification and to escape internal discomfort can be compulsive and constitute an addictive disorder” (Briken, Habermann, Berner, & Hill, 2007).Goodman believed that sexual practices could become addictions if they fit 2 key elements: 1. There are significant harmful effects that do not deter the behavior.

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