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Meanwhile, strewn about the grounds are these short columns……which appear to be the last remnants of the old pool: A column today…It took about 15 minutes of walking, and then I saw it through the trees… I had to get to my first scouting appointment of the day, so I couldn’t stay long.

…and in 1921 as depicted in Valentine’s Manual of Old New York: As you move away from the old patio area, the tiles disappear but the flooring remains. Go back 100 years, and I could have been standing in Zabriskie’s ballroom!In the following years, numerous turn-of-the-century mansions were bulldozed, including Cliffdale Manor.Except, you can still find plenty of Cliffdale ghosts if you take the time to look past the surface: The largest chunk of Cliffdale still standing is the two story foundation/basement, which also housed a garage. …you’ll find yourself standing on what was once a patio overlooking the Hudson: Even cooler, if you look at the ground……I notice this strange castle-like structure whiz past out my window: Clearly the ruins of , it kept bugging me each time I drove by until finally, I had to stop and figure out what it was.I found a place to park near the highway and came across a trail that seemed to be leading to the structure…

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