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Colostrum contains the growth hormone IGF-1, which is important as often when you ‘cut’ your levels of this hormone will fall resulting in a loss of those hard-earned gains.The final supplement found in this stack is Testosterone Max, which is an alternative to Sustanon.It can do this as it can increase protein synthesis and collagen synthesis, so both your muscles and joints can be repaired faster than usual.Trenorol is an alternative to Trenbolone that when used can help to prevent the loss of strength and muscle gains due to it containing colostrum.It is free from side effects and has a growing number of user testimonial onsite from previous happy customers.

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As with D-Bal, these other supplements have also been designed to mimic the effects of popular steroids yet without the side effects associated with them. Deca Duro is a safe alternative to Decadurabolin that can help with your recovery times, enabling you to recover faster from those intense workouts.You cannot expect a product to work without your own hard work.If you are a hard gainer who struggles to pack on that lean muscle then D-Bal comes highly recommended.D-Bal is a safe and legal alternative to the banned anabolic steroid Dianabol (Methandrostenolone).As well as now being illegal, Dianabol can be dangerous and has a high potential for side effects.

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