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I do things that I like without the thought of ‘I hope I meet a guy doing this’. Plenty of Fish provided NYE date and several unsuitable dates. I did remember another phone based dating app called ‘Coffee Meets Bagel’ that I downloaded last weekend and which has provided me with 2 matches so far. I told him I was having dinner and drinks with a friend. I am chatting with a seemingly ‘normal’ and none too harsh on the eyes man. I realize guys hate that descriptor, but honestly, I think it’s a good thing to be considered nice. Anyway, we’ve been chatting back and forth for a few days.

I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s a hookup site or not. Sadly, yes, but it happens very rarely as I usually swing towards the other end of the spectrum and don’t feel a connection with most. So here are the facts: She’s on one site and has had met 1 man this year. While I don’t have one of those dreaded ‘lists’ that I expect men to meet, I DO expect to feel the slightest desire to kiss or be kissed by one of them****go about your days now ❤ So I moved to a new town. Luckily he helped me out when he asked what I was doing later that night. I can only be my charming and witty self for so long with someone I haven’t even met yet. Oh, and for the record, I’ve swiped left FAR more than I’ve swiped right.

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The extreme hardship must be proven by the US Citizen / LPR petitioning for the benefit and be written by them (that includes everything listed below).

Make sure everything submitted is notarized by the US Citizen.

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I don’t hang out in the frozen food section of my local grocery store waiting to shove my shopping cart into that of a handsome stranger. I look around and see all types of people from all walks of life coupled up. Now, before anyone opts to blurt out that amazingly infuriating ‘you’ll meet him when you’re not looking’, I think that is a huge load of bullshit and I think it’s a f*ing smug thing to say. My date last night asked me, after listening to me tell him about where I am in life and what my plans are for the future, ‘well, where does a man fit into all of this’ and for the life of me I couldn’t answer. I guess I always assumed that when I met the right man, things would just ‘fit’. 1 I met last night and 1 is currently annoying the hell out of me with text messages. I honestly don’t think it is or that I’m fast tracking anything. He then responded with ‘sounds fun, hit me up after if you want to come over and work off that dinner.” Uhm, no. Extreme Hardship..basics To start, you should submit as much information as possible to show that your family members (US Citizen or LPR petitioning for benefit) will suffer extreme hardship. This proof must be submitted by the US Citizen or LPR from their perspective (how it creates extreme hardship for them -- not the intending immigrant).The items below are just general ideas and are not an inclusive list.Documents that may help show extreme hardship: Letters from your US Citizen / LPR spouse, children parents which discuss your relationship, how long your relationship has existed, what you bring to the relationship and how that family member would suffer if you are deported.For example, your spouse could discuss how you met and how long you have been together.

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