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it's not William's accent, it's a deliberate choice, again possibly to distance himself from his past). Isn't "Once More, With Feeling" just a general bit of advice from stage directors to the performers (as in "Do it again, better") ?Or if it's a specific reference then, given Joss' fannishness, isn't the Broadway play/Yul Brynner movie more plausible than the 'Yes' song (or is that something Joss has actually commented on) ?Funny, but they were right to change it in light of everything.Nathan | February 26, CET Yeah, I don't know that they actually rewrote anything for Graduation Day. His presence at the Wizard World Convention in Philly sent many hearts a-fluttering as he signed autographs, took pictures, and did a couple of panels.James is an extremely thoughtful individual who took time to really think about every question before he answered. He also shined some light on what it was like doing “Once More, With Feeling,” ‘s musical episode.

Joss Whedon: Well, she wasn't, but they told us she might. He did retreat from his past though, maybe dropping his accent was a part of that.

popgoestheshelby | February 26, CET James Marsters isn't THAT comfortable with onstage nudity.

Sarah Michelle Gellar made it rather uncomfortable for him, making jokes about his "modesty sock".

It's kind of a Trek favourite, that sort of character. Not to conform though, or at least not to conform to what others wanted him to be.

..might have felt pressure to acclimate, especially considering he wasn't living within a community that would've encouraged his Old World culture. Even though he's fictional though I like to think Angel has a bit more backbone than that (even if it'd be nice to think i'm less of a big jessie than he is ;). Saje | February 27, CET © 2002 - 2017 - (e-mail) Individual posts are copyright their respective authors This is a non-profit, unofficial website, not affiliated with Mutant Enemy, Inc., 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers or UPN.

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