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People aren't always who they seem and this is an important thing to keep in mind.

Maybe don't rush into giving all your personal information over too quickly. Ah, so you're just wanting to get to know me better, that's cool... ' Never rush into giving over your phone number or providing Facebook details, and only take the relationship to the next level if it feels right.

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Before long they're pushing a romantically or sexually suggestive agenda and seeking a similar response. According to the Get Safe Online website, the average financial loss of a dating fraud is £2,000 and Action Fraud receives around one report of dating fraud every four hours.Whilst some dating apps may have a reputation attached to them as ‘hook-up’ apps, never feel as if you have to go home with your date on the first meetup.You owe your date nothing and, likewise, they owe you nothing too.Don't forget to fully charge your phone before you head out!Nothing worse than leaving your house with a low battery and being forced to conserve your phone use through the night.

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