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D., NCSP, takes a takes a holistic approach to understanding and addressing the academic and social emotional needs of children and adolescents.Her process is encouraging, active, and goal oriented and relies on evidence based practices.My approach to therapy is to meet clients where they are, and help them focus their energy on where they want to be.Whether you are having challenges with something new in your life, or you are experiencing recurring issues, I can help you identify problematic patterns and help you create solutions.

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Michelle also provides parent coaching to help families address social, emotional, and behavioral concerns their children are experiencing.""Every client is unique and their treatment should be personalized.I appreciate the opportunity to work with you to improve relationships, problem solve, or reduce your suffering.I provide comprehensive services, including assessments, to assist those coping with educational, life change, or long-term problems.""Deciding to seek support for life problems can be an important first step toward taking care of yourself.While this process can often be daunting, it can also be extremely vitalizing.My hope is that therapy will help you feel more self-confident, hopeful, and self-aware.""My goal is to work in collaboration with you in therapy so that you can achieve your goals and work through any challenge that you may be facing.

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