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Ed: Not sure how to assess unlimited potential for horror.Jon: I don’t think he’s come close to the damage Andrew Johnson wrought. In terms of capability of doing the job, Trump might be the worst.We recommended the site to friends of ours and there have been two marriages since then.

The maker of the powerful painkiller Oxy Contin said it will stop marketing opioid drugs to doctors, bowing to a key demand of lawsuits that blame the company for helping trigger the current drug abuse epidemic.

Five of the nation's traditional and very special places where comfort foods are served.

Diners find such menu favorites as steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers and fries, and old fashioned baked pies.

He was the hinge to the greatest tragedy and missed opportunity in our history and the damage is ongoing. I’d disagree with Jon about Andy Johnson for that reason. Jon: I think Johnson damaged it quite a bit, though he himself did not end it. Ezekiel: And I think people conflate that with damage to the country.

Ed: Nixon did some serious damage to the presidency, of course. Eric: If you factor in moral conventions of the time, and just what a holistically bad person Trump is — the vanity, intellectual vacuity, greed, lack of taste, in-eloquence, racism, the sheer, effervescent virulence of his misogyny … Ed: If Trump gets to pick another SCOTUS member, and another 30 judges or so, his long-term negative impact will go way up. Jon: By the way, it’s pretty typical of Will that he buried his case for Trump as the worst president as the final line of his column, and did not bother to include even a single sentence worth of substantiation. Olivia: But, and correct me if I’m wrong, Trump’s SCOTUS pick, and judges, are probably not different than who, like President Ted Cruz or President Carly Fiorina (remember when they were a ticket? Ed: Yes, and for that reason Ted Cruz would have ranked pretty high on the Bad Presidents list as well.

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