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When NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and world-renowned hypnotist Paul Mc Kenna want assistants to be at their best, it's Master Trainer Tina Taylor they turned to.She trained and managed the super-skilled assisting teams on their programmes.Track days have not been popular enough to support specialist car makers until relatively recently and, although you can still find a handful of low-volume car makers in this country (of which TVR is arguably the most high-profile), there are very few that persist, let alone succeed, with a machine as simple and spartan as the Seven, a car that anybody much bigger than Chapman himself is unable to drive unless they remove their shoes first.Driving a Seven is always a memorable experience but not always for the best reasons.There is an unassisted, ABS-free, dual-circuit braking system, with 254mm discs all round (vented with four-piston calipers at the front, solid with single piston calipers at the rear).

Despite continuous, incremental development that maintained it as a benchmark for handling and performance, it is little short of miraculous that the Seven didn't fall by the wayside decades ago, along with motorcycle and sidecar combinations, bubble cars and British roadsters, or indeed much of the rest of the British motor industry.Ali, an enthusiastic 42-year-old, could hardly have taken over at a better time.In October last year, Caterham unveiled a brand new Seven that had been comprehensively re-engineered under the watchful eye of technical director Jez Coates, a Caterham stalwart for 22 years, with computer aided design input from Multimatic, lately involved in the development of the Ford GT and Aston Martin DB9.Under the skin, the changes really are comprehensive.There's an all-new tubular spaceframe chassis, based on the dimensions of the wide-bodied SV variant of recent years, which has not only increased torsional stiffness by 100 per cent but allowed more space and greatly improved ergonomics in the cockpit.

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