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“Aged 8 and 11.” “Ah, your kids are a bit older than mine,” I say.

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I’m about to log off when another message pops through from someone else. I wanted to make new friends, not be harassed by another desperate guy. “Well, that would explain why you’re up at this hour.” “I don’t even know what hour it is,” I say. Now I had proof he had begun cheating on me before then. Messages where he told her he would “definitely try to work out a way” to spend the whole night at her place “but not very often.” Messages where he was looking for a booty call and would lie to me about what time he had to be home and then drop around to her place. ” I hate it when he calls me lazy, I say to myself. He swore he began cheating on me after our third child was born because he felt neglected. Then, because I didn’t panic and become enraged, I took my time forwarding all of the messages to myself. Messages where he told her what he’d do with his tongue. He looks at the shambles around me and innocently asks “What did you get up to today?

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