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I don’t move until three hours later when the baby wakes for a feed. Are there really others out there who feel the way I do? I wanted to make new friends, not be harassed by another desperate guy. “Well, that would explain why you’re up at this hour.” “I don’t even know what hour it is,” I say. My fingers reach for the phone and I quickly log in.

I’m going to bed.” “Great.” I force each foot to take a step. Downstairs, I can hear my husband making his dinner, while yelling at one of the kids to get to bed and the other to brush his teeth. I pick up my phone in the darkened room and type into Google: ‘I hate my life.’ I hit the search button.

I take my time looking through the different categories but it isn’t long before I receive a private message from someone I don’t even know.

I’m about to log off when another message pops through from someone else.

” “Yeah, I’ll probably be here,” I say, trying not to sound too eager for another connection. I feed my little one, place him in his cot, and lay down on my bed. I open the app and am disappointed Brad isn’t online yet.

——- The next night, I make sure I make all my excuses early (“I’m so tired”, etc…) and take the baby and head upstairs by 9.30pm.

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