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He gives the character a true sense of reality, far beyond acting, that makes the observer actually feel the sentiments he is portraying. Really when I saw the picture for the first time I thought he was a girl , then my sister saw him and asked me who is she I told her he is a he not a she , and she is like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat , I wish if they will just change this picture, he looks more girly than any girl I ever saw in K-drama . I watch again and again your dramas in my cd collection to heal this kind of curriousity. When you did the more mature and adult role in (mary stayed out all night, love rain, you're beautiful, bel Ami. I 've loved you since the first seen in the film hwang jin yi . Therefore, as a remedy against fatigue and boredom . keep smiling always because your smile is encouraging me and take care yourself I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH JKS.................! the very 1st kdrama i've watched is "Love rain" in 2013 here in our country philippines and from then i started to love watching korean dramas until now. Since then, I watched his other dramas and movies, clips on his concert, tv guestings, fan meetings, advertisements and his documentary on youtube. I am so glad to see you on television again, it feels like it's been forever! I am currently watching you in Bel Ami (Beautiful Man), and I've got to say, it is an AWESOME drama...

He is a truly gifted actor and clearly works hard at his craft. Hi Jung, I am one of your biggest fan in Indonesia. Hopefully you always be in a good shape, healthy and happy. when looking at your face in a picture frame , then fatigue will disappear and re-energized . Hello Description about you : you have that stylish sort of hairstyle , cute funny and you dress up very stylish suits you . As i watch your drama all i long to watch is your smile_seriously . I am just amazed of what kind an actor and a person he is. I am glued to my television waiting for it to come on.

Can't wait to see you with yonna again in a bigscreen i really love the way you two act as a couple it was really beautiful the way you two portray the rule i was amazed?? After watching many of these serial dramas, my favorite is Love Rain. I kept on watching you are beautiful over and over agn bcos of ur role being played keep up d good work! You are such a natural talent..I'm afraid you are becoming a one-dimension performer. You are a strong multi-faceted talent - keep growing - both in appearance and roles. You will always earn my respect no matter what(HE'S BEAUTIFUL) LOVE U SO MUCH JKS. Hope you have a fabulous day with lots of smiles and laughter. I dont know what troubles you face coz you are always chearful when talking to your ells, but all I am praying is that you keep your energy up and be happy through it all. thank you oppa and Godbless ☺☺ Hello JKS, I really want to thank you all the actors and actress in youre beautiful series, to tell you frankly im not the fan of any korean drama series but then in MBC 4 in Dubai the drama series there is korean but translate in arabic but my daugther they are watching. I want you to be paired again with Moon Geun Young. With your comment proves how unattractive must be your personality, you have a heart that is mean i just feel sorry for anyone who must be unfortunate to know you in person. JGS millions of eels are always SOLID in their love & support of their star. And congratulations Jang Keun Suk for earning your bachelor's degree. There is a life lesson learned from every woman he meets. By then, it made me appreciate more of how good his acting skills were, and because of that, I started to follow and watch his other dramas and those movies he was in. and i am not the u want the celebrity as your life partner then i'll become celebrity soon pls wait for me... Keep that pretty face up and stay humble to your fans because they are your lifeline.,.. Keep us inspired with your deeds and stay loving and carefree. love love, i saw ur picture with black coat and black hat at airport. By now I like your acting in you're beautiful and baby and me. I hope that you have best chances in your career and your life in 2014the best for you. I don't understand why the rating in South Korea for Bel Ami but in USA we look forward for every episodes. hiiiii....geun suk oppa......i love u very much ..........i have seen u r beautifull many times........u stay in my heart ever n forever.......i have no words to express my feelings......i am from india....n my sister is also very big fan of u....

..two act so natural i love it(^-^)love rain is the best for me even tho others can't relate the story but for me it was really the best. The acting was extraordinary, and if this actor (Jang Geun-Suk) ever doubted his acting abilities, he can lay those doubts to rest. in all ur dramas I tink I Love u are beautiful very much ! You are passionate in your work and that's what i love the most about you. In Kenya national language i say Nakupenda (I love you) Ozmo - He has finished his Japan tour Cri Show III from his album Monochrome which was released in February 2015. You know the first time i saw you on tv, i knew you had a good talent and your physical appeareance is awesome. Can't wait to see you in something new, your talent needs to be displayed, be it acting or singing. Its just show this months of youre beautiful for the first time i dont want to watch but then my children keep on watching that series then i try to watch one time its really amaze me you why ??? In his search for the truth about himself , he learns and matures along the way. And he did pretty good in portraying his specific character. if u read this all means i will get hope...i know u will read can i know that u read this.. In short, stay as you are because that's what makes you different from the rest.:). You are so good I watched it 5times I prepare to watch hongil dong, I want to see the other side of you. Actor Jang Keun Suk you are one darn excellent actor. Please try to go back as soon as you can in dramaland. You are perfect for the role in Bel Ami and you can really act. in indian language i want to dedicate this ''tum jiyo hazaroo saal yeh meri hai aarzoo'' [meaning::you may live 100 years with happiness, this is my wish] i love uuuuuuuu...... i love u very much.......i have watched u r beautiful many times....

[1] Jang Keun-Suk made his acting debut four years later in the 1997 HBS sitcom "Selling Happiness" (Haengbokeul Pabmoda). I wish all his music was available on ITunes (that it isn't seriously drives me crazy). These two kids are so joyful whenever they do anything together that I would be happy to see them do anything together but just think that would be fun. May God bless you and may full of happiness and free without stress. And the personality of Hwang Tae-Kyeong was very similar too... i love how he act in mary me mary where he acys from his eyes.

He then continued to work in television as a child actor. Check out his voice also on his Zikzin radio podcasts ( I click on the subtitled ones on the computer because I don't know Korean yet also). But I like you more in Mary Stayed Out All Night :) I think Mu-Kyul suits your personality best! Ugh too sexy for my life :) Too cute in Baby and Me with Mason :( :)) I now watched atleast 8 out of all your projects! i really wish for him to bulk up/roughen up a bit more to do roles similar to what he did in Itaewon and happy life. i know a lot of girls are wanting to see him in a series/movie with LMH but i dont want that to happen. I even showed him and he laughed so hard because it he also completely recognised himself. i mean in that series his 'talking' scene isnt that much and i felt like he tell us watchers what he felt by his eyes. and i love his voice, deep and soft XD for movies..i probably love baby and me and doremifasolatido the most XD.

Keun-Suk landed a role in the popular MBC sitcom "Nonstop 4." After his work in Nonstop 4, Geun-Suk fell into a self-perceived slump and didn't think his acting was good enough. Be happy and enjoy the fruit of your labors, your a good man. i wish all the best and pls remain the simple-handsome JKS =) I am one of your greatest fun here in the Philippines.. You obviously posted this shallow comment about Jang Geun Suk to provoke his fans, so you need to assume your action. I really like you with shin hye unnie together , I already saw love rain and I get jealous with yoona even though yoona unnie is my bias . I look forward to coming home from a long day at work or school (I am also studying) so that I could catch an episode of Love Rain (to watch you actually haahaa). Right now am trying to watch you're old series and movies... All I've got to say is, thank you for sharing you talents. I know the chances of you actually reading this message is slim, but I just thought I'd take a shot at it anyway. I liked that childlike character you were playing, and loved the way you created it! i watch that movie everyday simply Bcoz i just wanted to see you. i"ve search youre name in the facebook but alot of you appeared.

He decided then to re-devote himself to becoming a true actor.[3] In 2005, Keun-Suk 's portrayal of the president's son in the SBS drama "Lovers in Prague" became a hit and was well regarded by drama fans. Am happy for your mother, having an offspring like you, continue doing good deeds to the least in life, God Bless you & belated happy bday!! am grandma of 4 young boys, enjoys watching kdramas, kfood and been your fan for some years now together w/ my 2grandsons (2 are still too young to join us! take care always and saranghae...mwaaah " :*" Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk Sir, :) Wish you peace, love, joy and health and for the love of everything Holy, please take good care of that health so no one ever has to see you hooked up to an IV pole again..even on your 103 year old last day... I am happy because I found the actor Jang Keun Suk. Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus was great and the series "You're Beautiful" was interesting. Most importantly, you need to ask yourself why you felt the urge to write such a gratuitous and uninteresting comment (saying that JGS is not attractive). Because you look great woyh her , I hope you really datong shin hye unnie TT_TT. Hi, I love jang geun suk so much, you're so very cool and handsome that could melt everybody heart... Once again, you have done a great job in Love Rain. I am now listening to Love Rain OST songs at all times be it when I am doing my workout (running) or studying in particular those songs sung by you. Then you can popular not only in Korea and between girls 10-18 years old but also overseas countries. You are beautiful & handsome specially with long hair. I saw you acting in Marry me, Mary & also your kind & happy personality in 2010 KBS Drama Awards. I was smiling with every grimace you made, and every smile you showed, you made me cry with you, so for these emotions, I thank you!

I love your acting,the way you can make your faces, it is really unique...i like when you are angry,jealous ,funny and crazy. And never forget Eels all over the world love you from the bottoms of their hearts! You really act and sing very well (your voice is great)! I was so happy because hungarian language is one of the most hardest to learn especially for an asian but he even - if just a few words - he learned it and it just made me really glad.

Jang Keun-Suk was born on August 4, 1987 in Danyang County, Chungcheongbuk Province, South Korea. At the early age of six, Keun-Suk started to work as a child model. Here's an idea, treat this person like you would like to be treated and stop shoving a camera up his nose in his private moments or any other star for that matter.

His work as a child model came about by a fortuitous event. :) I never thought, that I would like asian dramas. People need each other to live but personal space to breath, it would be nice to "not see" this individual get some much needed personal space, just putting it out there.

His efforts are appreciated and admired by this now retired American, who has spent decades involved in activism and education. Your character Ma Te has got it all...he's funny, charming, sad, a player, a lover and a compassionate man too...they make this character just for you or what.

As a fan of movies throughout my lifetime, with my own extensive film library covering eight decades, I feel qualified to make this judgement. Jang keun Suk won 2 awards in 2016, Top Excellence in Acting in Long Drama series (for Daebak)and also an award for Top 10 Stars. i'm so proud of you,in 2016 he also was MC of the 2016 SBS drama awards and talent ambassador of the 1st IFFAM (Macau International Film & Festival & Awards)in China. Anyways, thank you for returning to television, and I wish you the best of luck in this drama..a fan, I hope to see you in another movie real soon too.

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