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I saw about ten dancers in big black tops and in way too big black shorts.

Most of them were overweight and several even pot bellied. The lighting was poor and the music was crap and there was a terrible cigarette smoke stench.

There are stairs to the first floor, left of the entrance.

I was told that most girls were sourced from the beer bars on Soi Buakhaow.

And if you are lucky enough to find a young and slim dancer, you can be pretty sure that she wont be staying in Big Hugs long.

Saying that there are usually (but not always) one or two who are attractive enough to enjoy receiving their good close attention.

Las Vegas II was replaced by Big Hugs A-Go Go on 7th December 2016.BEWARE: the waitresses are too lazy to bring back small change. At Champagne A-Go Go on Soi LK Metro is a hole in the wall now towards a LOUNGE or VIP LOUNGE where Club Malibu used to be.The central stage of the former Club Malibu has been replaced by a smaller, round (unused) one and there is a pool table behind it.The dancers were a forgettable bunch clad in a colourful mix of big tops, big bottoms, bras and strings, but mostly overdressed.Many of them were one kilo more and at least one of them looked pregnant. The music was too loud with an unbearable beat and the lighting was very poor, probably on purpose.

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