Shc liquidating trust

Products I ordered on August 25 2016 have not been delivered but they have taken money from my account to pay for them.

A marketing method for providing manufacturer purchase reward offers by automatically tracking the purchases of member consumers through the use of bar-coded membership cards and using the purchase records in a data processing system to determine if the required purchases have been made to earn a reward....

NO GOODS RECEIVED I have been purchasing products from SHC web for without any problems for the last several years and I am so disappointed that now I have not received the goods I ordered on 23rd October .

There has been no communication from them since the money was taken from my PAYPAL account .

No replies to our emails or phone calls but they can still send us emails asking us to review them for the last order.

I ordered very small pots so my semi permanent make-up clients can decant the healing ointment I give them so it's portable and they can use it as and when required.

I searched everywhere for this type of small pot with a lid and I'm glad I found SHC Web as their prices were very reasonable and I can see myself using them again and again throughout my career as SPMU artist.

Three months waiting for a delivery, with no indication of when it would be dispatched, no response to phone calls or emails asking where it was, and then finally it arrives with no explanation for the significant delay, no apology, nothing!

If this is how you treat a long term customer, then don't be surprised if I never order from you again!

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