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The problem with the tour is that they are still reluctant to give away too much of the nitty gritty (or to even give photos for this article).

It seems that even for a company willing to manufacture everything from sticking plasters, to cruises and even entire housing complexes based around their famous mouse, the one thing Disney isn’t quite ready to sell is its secrets.

The tunnels highlight what sets Disney apart – the astounding attention to detail and amount of money thrown at any problem.

Seven nights in Orlando costs £1,459pp with Virgin Holidays including flights with Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick to Orlando and accommodation at Disney’s 3V Caribbean Beach Resort.It all feels a bit Downton Abbey, with the ‘downstairs’ section hidden from view, despite being a hive of activity.Here is where the staggering 285,000lbs of daily clothes washing takes place; where much of the food sold in the Magic Kingdom is prepared and cooked; where delivery trucks drop off supplies for the park; and where a special vacuum system sucks up all of the park’s rubbish – it’s why you’ll never see an empty crisp packet or crumpled can en route to visit Cinderella.it's a rare glimpse behind the iron curtains of Disney secrecy.Actually seeing the utilidors, the part of the tour that had really piqued my interest, was left until right at the end.

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