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Participation is based on pre-submitting a short application form, found below.TIP: Participants are encouraged to bring music or audiovisual samples on their laptops, ipods, or other device, in oder to share their work during the session.It took me a while to let go of tightly scheduled trips, and as a consequence of loosening-up, I have met more people, seen more places, and found my trips more enriching.Predictability is practical; but uncertainty oftentimes brings excitement, vitality, and growth.

Haven't finalized the location so it's helpful to have options. Can't be there tonight because there is a Dev Ops meetup on the same time.Sometimes, despite the shifts of the wind, We still end up at places we originally imagined to reach: Where days are defined differently from our own, Where language escapes familiar tones, And where a sun-kissed skin volunteers attention. It is not pretty and it is not friendly; but it didn’t matter, as I was just supposed to be there for a layover; or so I thought. Eli Med May 2017 | Berlin I adore Berlin, but it was not love at first sight; probably because my first experience of the city was at Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL), a cold, charmless, and industrial remnant of a divided German past.After one delay after another arrived, and a multitude of other unpleasant twists and turns, I ended-up spending the night in the city I did not originally find appealing.It took a lot of effort to find an Air Berlin staff who was pleasant and willing to help, but I eventually did and convinced the initially unflinching airline personnel to book me a new flight, pay for my hotel and dinner, and file my refund request.

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