Swedish dating club los angeles

Discover the grand town-villas with their striking gables, ornate oriels and cosy recessed seats in the entrance doorways.

The panorama has barely changed since Canaletto's times.

The plot follows two unlicensed Swedish private investigators trying to make a living in Los Angeles.

It premiered on September 2, 2016 via Swedish online streaming service Viaplay as its first original production.

Together, they solve various cases, as well as compete with Ingmar's long-time rival and owner of the best investigating company in Los Angeles, Jane Mc Kinney (Traci Lords).Axel decides to stop taking his antidepressants without his therapist's approval, which leads to him suffering from its side effects.With Ingmar, they find the cameraman who they believe had been shooting behind-the-scenes footage on the set of Blood Curse 2.After the two spend a night at a bar, Ingmar steals the laptop from drunk Axel's hotel room and returns it to Theodore.However, he soon finds out that Theodore is a bartender who was hired by a club owner Tony (Julio Oscar Mechoso) to steal Axel's music.

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