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If you give her a spike of positive feelings with your texts and THEN ask her out…

that’s like heating up the metal and then bending it. When you ask her out while she’s feeling good about you, the chances of her saying yes are much higher.

Don’t think of texting as a way of exchanging data, think of it as a way of giving her feelings (which she then associates with you).

Principle #3 – Metal is easier to bend when it’s red hot – Let’s say you want to bend a metal pipe.

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Principle #5 – Master the High-Status Filter – Guys often lose their chances with a woman because they put too much importance (and pressure) on that one girl.

B stands beside A] B: The infinite possibilities each day holds should stagger the mind.We see the same things every day, we respond the same way, we think the same thoughts, each day a slight variation on the last, every moment smoothly following the gentle curves of societal norms.We act like if we just get through today, tomorrow our dreams will come back to us. I don't know how to jolt myself into seeing what each moment could become.But I do know one thing: the solution doesn't involve watering down my every little idea and creative impulse for the sake of some day easing my fit into a mold.


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