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I figured that the best way for me to do this is to email the information out (instead of placing the download link here).

The Push / Pull technique has stood the test of time in being one of the most widely used pieces of practical psychology for people wanting to actively generate attraction in others.

Alternatively, he’s demonstrating a strong ‘push’ to the woman on the right by barely acknowledging her at all. Even if they did, you knew it was given away too easily, therefore, worthless or seen as less authentic or valued.

When they do reward you, though, you feel like you’re basking in the sunlight of their praise, it was earned and didn’t come easily, therefore it is more valued and has a deeper emotional resonance.

From psychologists to dating coaches, to pickup artists, to salesman to hackers, it’s a powerful piece of social engineering that is so prevalent across so many different approaches to attraction, that it is hard to ignore.

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Enter your email in the next page in order to find out a simple way to use this technique:- Now for the reasons I stated above, I want to control how this technique is shared on the Internet.That’s why the definitive resource on the technique, the , is limited in circulation.If you’re a woman and you’re here because you’re wondering why you seemed to have fallen head over heels in love with a man (despite only knowing him for a short time), it could be that you have been “Fractionation-ized”.First spread by gurus in the seduction underground, the tactic created a stir when first exposed to the outside world (primarily through Neil Strauss and his New York Times bestseller, The Game).Since then, there has been a mad scramble to find out what this technique is all about.

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