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The two were spotted house-hunting in the area in August.Their new home contains a pool, tennis court, gourmet chef's kitchen and open living rooms with beamed ceilings and French doors. Winners of three straight, the Tigers head into the weekend 15-4 overall and 6-4 in MIAA play.

A tree grows nearby, and below, a tiger tugs at an object that looks like a mini trampoline or perhaps a drum or maybe even a koi pond.The English language—who cares about just one letter, separated from the flock? Predating Photoshop by thousands of years, the irregularly shaped pixels were often photographic in the way they rendered light and shadow and more permanent to this earth than fleeting computer files and crumbling paper. has a border showing the remains of a big dinner party.For the reader unfamiliar with the breadth of ancient mosaic, this book contains some exciting treats. The shells of edible crustaceans, the tails from fish, bones, a blackberry, a nut, and stems of grapes are lovingly detailed and given subtle drop shadows on the white surface. The Lions defeated Fort Hays State for the first time ever last season in Hays (1/28/17), 76-70. The Lions (10-10, 2-9 MIAA) have struggled of late, winning just one game since the calendar turned to 2018 including six-straight defeats.

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    9 locomotives overhauled in new Slate Grey railfreight livery. It included transfers, brass detailing (railings, fans, grills) and flush glazing.