Timberland dating

You like looking put together, which means you probably take as much time picking out your outfit as we do.

Bonus points if you do actually own a beach house or frequent the Hamptons during the summer -- this doesn't mean you're a better person (as you probably think you are), this just legitimizes your choice of footwear.

Converse are the All-American, all-star shoe and you are the well-rounded, all-star guy.

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But as fate would have it, their love wasn’t meant to last.

Fans will also enjoy fun facts about the former N'Sync member and cute pics of young Justin Timberlake.

Since October 2012, Justin Timberlake has been married to actress Jessica Biel.

You’re an athletic guy who’s probably running from one practice to another, but that doesn’t change the fact you’re STILL WEARING SOCKS AND SANDALS.

The only person who could even remotely pull this off is Cristiano Ronaldo. No, so take off your damn socks and make sure your toenails don’t resemble anything from the movie “Beetlejuice.”Men who wear sandals and socks are amateurs.

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