Tortoisesvn icons not updating

The total number of overlay slots available on Windows is fairly limited and depends on the exact Windows version.For example, on a pristine install of Windows 7, there are only 8 free overlay handler slots available.Do not post crash reports here, send us the generated bug report by email instead, please.Hi there, apparently, there is something wrong with the shell icons in the recent AS 2.51.Unchecking handlers that are not used by Tortoise Hg (that is: Locked, Readonly, Ignored, Deleted) is highly recommended, if you know that no other Tortoises (e.g. Make sure the “Added” and “Unversioned” handlers are enabled, as these are used by Tortoise Hg.(Default: all checked)Checkmark “Show Icon” to show the icon of the Overlay Icon Server in the taskbar in the notification area.(Default: not checked)These (per user) settings provide the possibility to disable overlay icon handlers in the shared Tortoise Overlays component.The Tortoise Overlays component is shared by all Tortoises (Tortoise Hg, Tortoise SVN, etc), with the goal to avoid registering too many icon slots, by using a common set of icons slots for all Tortoises (thus using the same set of icons for all Tortoises).

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It is not bothering me in the most of cases but the Tortoise SVN subversion icons, where file/folder icons are dynamically changing depending on the SVN status.I wouldn't blame TSVN as the problem doesn't show in Explorer or other shells (e.g.Total Commander) on the same exactly machine running side by side with SS.I can't find any reliable dependency or exact action causing the overlays to disappear.Edit: I still don't get this: voidcoder wrote: Quite often AS will show some icon discrepancy compared to explorer and other shells.

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