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I told him I had just had my tires rotated and showed him the paperwork. Clark who stated he would reimburse my credit card for the repairs after showing them the receipt. When My husband examined my tires, two of my lugs are completely broken.

The mechanic who has been in business for more than 30 years and fixes all types of cars including police cars informed me that my lugs were not replaced properly. I went there three times to have my credit card reimbursed and still haven’t been reimburse almost a year later. I plan to file a complaint with the manager, the corporate office, and the IL Attorney General.

After explaining to them what was going on I sat there for 2 more hours only for them to come tell me one of my brake calipers was broken.

I said why was I not notified about this 3 days ago and the guy said they should have noticed it when they did the test drive after the work.

Reply I purchased my tires a couple of years ago on my credit card at NTB in Calumet City, IL.

The technician asked us to come in the back, he had something to show us!

He proceeded to tell us that all of her front brakes were gone and only 30 percent working in the back. They also told her she should not drive her more than 25 miles because it was so dangerous!

Only problem with that is they didn’t bother to do a test drive.

So now they want to charge me an additional 5 to fix something that they probably broke while changing out my brake pads the first visit.

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