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If need be, I will file a small claim against them.I drove my son to his one weekend a month training for the military and thought what if the lugs had loosened completely on the expressway?Robert personally quoted a price for replacing 2 tires and when I got there he would not honor the price.

In 2003 NTB had 226 stores, 5 million in revenue, and million in profit.

Reply I went to NTB in Pasadena, TX on January 6th, 2018 because my front end was vibrating and my brakes were squeaking.

4 1/2 hours and ,400 later I walked out of there thinking everything was great. I get on the road and each time I put on my brakes my truck would pull to the left.

The technician asked us to come in the back, he had something to show us!

He proceeded to tell us that all of her front brakes were gone and only 30 percent working in the back. They also told her she should not drive her more than 25 miles because it was so dangerous!

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