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The department may deny vendor approval to any agency or person in any of the following circumstances:(A) The applicant has not provided the department with evidence satisfactory to the department of the ability of the applicant to satisfy the requirements of vendorization set out in the regulations adopted by the department pursuant to subdivision (j).(C) The applicant public or private agency has a conflict of interest in that the agency is mandated to place clients in group homes and to pay directly for the services.

The department may deny vendorization to this type of agency only as long as there are other vendor programs available to conduct the certification training programs and conduct education courses.(2) The department may authorize vendors to conduct the administrator’s certification training program pursuant to this section.

If the certificate is not renewed prior to its expiration date, reinstatement shall only be permitted after the certificate holder has paid a delinquency fee equal to three times the renewal fee and has provided evidence of completion of the continuing education required.(4) To renew a certificate, the certificate holder shall, on or before the certificate expiration date, request renewal by submitting to the department documentation of completion of the required continuing education courses and pay the renewal fee of one hundred dollars (0), irrespective of receipt of the department’s notification of the renewal.

A renewal request postmarked on or before the expiration of the certificate shall be proof of compliance with this paragraph.(5) A suspended or revoked certificate shall be subject to expiration as provided for in this section.

The bill would require the rules of court and forms to address, among other things, that the child or ward and his or her caregiver and court-appointed special advocate, if any, have an opportunity to provide input on the medications being prescribed, and would require the rules of court and forms to include a process for periodic oversight by the court of orders regarding the administration of psychotropic medications.

If the department determines that any vendor is not complying with the requirements of this section, the department shall take appropriate action to bring the program into compliance, which may include removing the vendor from the approved list.(6) The department may charge a reasonable fee, not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars (0) every two years, to certification program vendors for review and approval of the initial 40-hour training program pursuant to subdivision (c).This bill would also require the State Department of Social Services, in consultation with specified parties, to develop and distribute a monthly report to each county placing agency that is a signatory to a specified data sharing agreement, and would require this report to include specified information regarding each child for whom one or more psychotropic medications have been paid for under Medi-Cal, including, among others things, the psychotropic medications that have been authorized for the child.The bill would also require a county placing agency to share information pertaining to the child with the juvenile court, the child’s attorney, the county department of behavioral health, and the child’s court-appointed special advocate, if one has been appointed.If reinstatement of the certificate is approved by the department, the certificate holder, as a condition precedent to reinstatement, shall submit proof of compliance with paragraphs (1) and (2) of subdivision (f), and shall pay a fee in an amount equal to the renewal fee, plus the delinquency fee, if any, accrued at the time of its revocation or suspension.Delinquency fees, if any, accrued subsequent to the time of its revocation or suspension and prior to an order for reinstatement, shall be waived for a period of 12 months to allow the individual sufficient time to complete the required continuing education units and to submit the required documentation.

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