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To prevent the confusion (for officials, players, and fans) that might result from two opposing teams wearing uniforms (kits) with similar colors, teams have different variations for "home" and "away" games, where typically one is dark and the other is light.

In the four major North American sports leagues, one of the two uniforms is almost always predominantly white, and each league has a rule to determine which team should normally wear its white uniform.

Customarily, National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL) teams wear their color uniforms for home games.

Most military forces, however, have developed several different uniform types.Employees all wearing black, for example, may appear conspicuous and thus represent the organization even though their attire is uniform only in the color of their appearance, not in its features.Pratt & Rafaeli, (1997) described struggles between employees and management about organizational dress as struggles about deeper meanings and identities that dress represents. School uniforms vary from a standard issue T-shirt to rigorous requirements for many items of formal wear at private schools.These rules are not strictly enforced, however, for any of the four major professional sports leagues in North America.Some NFL teams, most notably the Dallas Cowboys, prefer to wear their white jerseys for home games.

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