Updating and outdated home to sell

Homeowners that have kept their home neat and tidy are more likely to stay up to date on maintenance.If you see that the home wasn’t well cared for you’ll need to be extra cautious.Are you a growing family that wants to live debt-free?You could be like the Alredge’s and add a two-story addition onto a 2010 Horton single wide to create an 1800 square foot dream house.

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Unfortunately, some really awesome older mobile homes cannot be moved into some places.

Search Craigslist, local trading papers, newspaper classifieds, local real estate channels, internet classifieds or even Ebay for local or regional used mobile homes.

To buy a used mobile home on land you will do the same as above but you may be able to hire a real estate agent.

If not, you will need to re-wire the home and have an inspection done to ensure everything is safe.

If the home should have been rewired years ago but wasn’t you may want to consider moving on to another home.

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