Updating garmin 350

Garmin’s latest iteration of its software update manager, Garmin Express, is the most recent demonstration of the company’s ineptitude and inability to listen to its consumers.Ask anyone who owns a Garmin product and they will tell you that one key to happiness is keeping the firmware and maps up-to-date.The 3″ and 240 x 400 pixel color touchscreen is fine in sunlight and under clouds, though we generally kept it at the highest brightness settings to make it easier to read, even at the expense of some battery life.

It’s clunky and looks like it was developed by a junior high school kid but it gets the job done. The most recent map update using the new Express updater installed nothing on my Zumo. This is just the latest in a series of missteps by Garmin.

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Having the map accessible to Basecamp while route planning is essential and in most instances I do not want to tether the Zumo to the computer just to draw a route or add some waypoints. It seems every time they update something, they cripple some companion feature that users found helpful.

Therefore, having the map loaded onto the computer (in addition to the Zumo) was a value-add from my perspective. With Garmin Express, the Garmin overlords have seen fit to remove the ability to load the map onto the computer. And it is not like there is an abundance of information about how to use the products to begin with. Stop eliminating features that people rely on in an attempt to “dumb down” the products.

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