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First, open the GIMP directory, usually located in C:\Program Files.Next, open the \etc\fonts folder and open the file in Notepad.If I have to manually merge the layers and then sync the image to verse everytime I want to see a change on my model, then it seems the usual "save and open in Blender" workflow is less problematic.The only problem is Blender doesn't read Gimp's native format so I would have to save as copy to be able to see the texture in Blender.Downloaded and installed [SIZE=2][COLOR=#799fb0]000380_Blender243_SSE2with verse verse-gimp-win-r6p1verse [/COLOR][/SIZE]Started Verse server Opened a file in GIMP - "Subscribe" file (whatever that means) Connected to local host in Blender, opened same file in Blender image window.Expected (hoped more like it) to see an update of GIMP changes in Blender window I've got the r6p1 of the plugin and the of verse cheers, Neil [SIZE=2][COLOR=#799fb0][/COLOR][/SIZE] No problem Nebular, thanks Koba, and Dread Knight..will find all sorts of goodies at one has verse The only problem with this system is that you have to do a rough map out with the Blender Paint tool, save, then do the rest of your editing in GIMP. This may not be entirely accurate but, as far as that build goes, CVS and the other builds on Graphicall are kinda like a wip of the next version.There are two ways to put a new font on GIMP; both are relatively straightforward.Before you can put fonts on GIMP, you need to find and install them.

The fonts are installed in the default Fonts folder, so that GIMP can easily find and load them.

The Crystal Space verse integration lets developers paint texture maps using averse enabled paint tool like GIMP and see the results update in real time in the 3D engine. Well, you can already paint in the UV/Image editor and see the real time changes on the mesh (you can paint the mesh as well in 3d window). you can always edit image in Gimp, save and reload the image in Blender (ya, I know) Yes. Pretty easy to figure out from there but if not give me a shout.

You need a recent Verse build of Blender (with the bitmap node) and the Gimp Verse plugin.

Locate the line and insert the path to the folder where you saved the fonts earlier (for example, path/to/Fonts/folder).

Press "Ctrl-S" to save the changes and close the file. GIMP is set by default to look for fonts in the default Windows Fonts folder, so if you install the fonts correctly, the software will be able to find and load them automatically.

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