Updating mobileme calendar

Mobile Me comprises of web-based applications that not only synchronize with their desktop counterparts, but also "pushes" updates to other computers including calendar appointments, address book entries and Safari bookmarks.

Windows-based PC's and Apple's OS X can be used to synchronize this information between platforms.

Imagine you’ve just finished an appointment at the dentist, and the receptionist asks to set up your next date.

In This Chapter Setting up Calendars 58 Working with Calendars on the i Cloud Website 65 Sharing Your Calendars with Others 76 Subscribing to Public Calendars 79 Setting i Cloud Calendar Preferences 82 Adding Reminders 84 Working with Reminders on Your i OS Device 88 One of the best—and incredibly useful—features of i Cloud is its ability to keep your calendar events and reminders in the cloud, automatically synchronizing them among all your devices.

But probably the most useful feature of i Cloud calendaring is that you can share your calendars with family, friends, and colleagues.

So when your daughter adds her soccer practice to the family shared calendar, it appears on the rest of the family’s schedule as well.

Apple recommends that you set a passcode to prevent an unauthorized user from turning off the Find My i Phone feature in the event your i Phone is lost or stolen.

Mobile Me, Apple, Inc.'s answer to the consumer-based "push" concept has launched today.

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