Updating my unlocked iphone

You'll know that your hosts file is correct if you visit and it has an Apple page like this instead of a Cydia page.You can find out more about hosts files by reading this: How do I fix errors and problems when trying to restore or upgrade my device? Also, make sure you're using the correct firmware file.Note: Some users say this requires a jailbreak and others have been able to get it working without one, here’s how to jailbreak i OS 4.2.1 with Greenpois0n RC if you require a jailbreak.Again, this applies to the AT&T (GSM) i Phone 4: Once you get a “Profile Installed” message, your custom APN profile will be working.Pay Pal promotes using prepaid Money Pak cards (a Green Dot brand), which have a fee and let you put a minimum of on them.

The second way is if you don't see the toolbar, don't worry its not too hard, you just need to enter a bit of extra text.Note: this applies to the AT&T i Phone 4 model only: You may need to restart the i Phone once to get calls to work, but activation is usually immediate after speaking with AT&T customer service.Now that you have the pay-go calling part taken care of, you can get data working too by installing a custom APN.You can usually buy this kind of prepaid card at a convenience store, such as at 7-11 stores in the United States.In the US and Canada, Vanilla Visa is a popular brand of prepaid gift card.

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