Updating samsung mobile firmware

Android is a groovy operating system, but I often think think that manufacturers are given too much leeway in terms of how much of their own software they can ship on the devices.Samsung is no exception, and because of this it can take a few extra steps to get your phone completely up to date.Shame because downloading from Rapid Gator from Sam Mobile takes forever.SAFETY FIRST- Make sure that u backup all your files, messages ,contacts, etc from your phone. ogmzmgzdj5l Download Multiloader v5.56 from here- Q/Multi Loader_V556.html- Remove SIM CARD and MEMORY CARD from your mobile. 2) For BOOT choose "boot files" folder from the extracted S3650XEIJ2 Firmware. 4) For Rsrc1 select "Rsrc_S3650_Open_Europe_Slav.rc1" (the name may vary but extension should be the same '.rc1' ) 5) For Factory FS select "Factory Fs_S3650_Open_Europe_Slav.ffs" (the name may vary but the extension should be the same '.ffs') 6) Ignore "FOTA" , "Tune" and "ETC" 7) Click on Port Search and when found, put a tick. It will take 5 to 7 minutes and then unplug the USB cable and turn on your new phone!!!!

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Now a screen with Blue Borders and Download written in the middle on Red stripe should come up : Now extract the downloaded firmware to any folder on your PC. Turn on your TV and insert your flash drive into the "USB" port on the TV.Press the "Menu" button to display the menu and then select "Support." Select "Software Upgrade" and press "Enter."Allow your TV to scan for the USB flash drive.Open from within the Camera firmware app and then the installation will start.The total setup time should be approximately 3 minutes.

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