Updating your own website christian parents guide dating

Through this article I will make know how you could develop a working website with a very little knowledge and could even host it using your Linux box. Linux Box (However, You can use Windows but things surely won’t be as much simple and perfect as it will be on Linux Machine, Debian has been used here for example citing).

Once you got your static IP address, the easiest way to find your IP is to type “My ip is” at google and note-down the result.

As I said above use ‘apt‘ or ‘yum‘ to install the required package for your box.

If you successfully installed the php in your system, you could check if it is working correctly or not by creating a file “info.php” in your ‘/var/www/html‘ or ‘/var/www‘ directory (which is your Apache directory) with the content given below.

Some of you might be owing a website and would certainly be editing and updating it frequently.

While a few having no adequate knowledge of web technologies would still be planning to have one.

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