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Industrial gamma radiography exploits the ability of various types of radiation to penetrate materials to different extents.

Gamma radiography works in much the same way as X-rays screen luggage at airports.

These gauges are most useful where heat, pressure, or corrosive substances, such as molten glass or molten metal, make it impossible or difficult to use direct contact gauges.

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The capsule is placed on one side of the object being screened, and some photographic film is placed on the other side.The technique allows critical components to be inspected for internal defects without damage.X-ray sets can be used when electric power is available and the object to be scanned can be taken to the X-ray source and radiographed.The gamma rays, like X-rays, pass through the object and create an image on the film.Just as X-rays show a break in a bone, gamma rays show flaws in metal castings or welded joints.

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