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Given that he contains it primarily in three locations - the war room, the plane, and the military base - you'd think you were watching a documentary if you turned the sound off.Amateur satirists got the wrong lesson from and skip the research in lieu of throwing punches right away.Uygur and Taibbi don't (or didn't) get this - they punch down and slut-shame women from their own point of view, and it becomes self-serving tripe about why they can't get laid.It does not illuminate us or leave us with any new understanding about societal ills. So, are Uygur and Taibbi dishonest pigs, or brilliant satirists who we just didn't get?We are deeply disturbed by recent news regarding @cenkuygur & David Koller.

Just as a thought experiment, let's take them at their word and assume that what they wrote was intended only to be satirical.

Stanley Kubrick and his screenwriters understood this when they made it earns its laughs.

By researching exactly what would happen if we were pushed to the brink, Kubrick made the film as authentic as a documentary.

Cenk Uygur’s longtime friend and co-worker Dave Koller also made inappropriate remarks about women in the blog posts.

Koller discussed approaching underaged girls and called them, “w***** in training.” Cenk Uygur was a founder of the Justice Democrats and was asked by them to resign via a statement released on Twitter.

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