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Modules, primitives, programs, interfaces, and packages are visible in all compilation units. Synthesis in other Quartus software products follows the Multi-file compilation unit (MFCU) method to select compilation unit files.In MFCU, all files compile in the same compilation unit.Each revision captures a unique set of project settings and constraints, but does not capture any logic design file changes.Use revisions to experiment with different settings while preserving the original.This proprietary Verilog HDL configuration scheme prevents RTL entities from ambiguous instantiation errors during synthesis. Resolving this issue requires writing a Verilog HDL configuration to disambiguate the instantiation, delete the duplicate entity from the project, or rename one of the conflicting entities.

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You can archive these files using the Archive feature and save the archive for later use or place it under revision control.For example, optimize one project to interface with a 32-bit data bus, and optimize a project copy to interface with a 64-bit data bus.Logic design files contain the logic that implements your design.The New Project Wizard guides you to make intial project settings when you setup a new project.Optimizing project settings helps the Compiler to generate programming files that meet or exceed your specifications.

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