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We can have a little tribute xxxx Tags: animal death, animal love, death of a pet, hamster, hamster blog, hamster death, hamster died, heart break pet, how to deal with a dead pet, how to deal with a hamster death, how to deal with a pet death, my hamster has died, pet blog, pet died, pet tribute, pets, what to do when your hamster dies I often moan about how difficult it is to get a focused photo of Banjo.

He is the biggest fidget on the planet and makes it impossible to get a good snap.

She is toilet trained, she will never do it if she is out of her cage, ever.

She loves climbing all over you, including your face….which I found out the other day…was awkward.

Keep a close eye on their movement – if they are really struggling to walk or curl up, it could be a warning sign of an infection.

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We love happy and healthy hamsters here 😉 CUDDLES AND SNUGGLES. We have been busy little bees and just reading the adventures of Cookie instead for a bit 🙂 I stick my comments in here and there and write up a post when i get the opportunity but its a lot less frequent than before.. Anyway I can’t have you going without a few Joey updates here and there.

Tags: antibiotics for hamsters, blood hamster, blood on my hamster, bloody bum hamster, hamster, hamster advice, hamster blog, hamster has a bloody bum, hamster health, infection in hamsters, pet blog, pets, UTI in hamsters, what could blood on my hamsters bum mean, womb infection in hamsters times So, Cookie was given to me by an old family friend. She was left behind and we are unsure how long she was by herself. I went out and bought her everything she would need, I spoilt her rotten, it was awesome……and expensive!!

She was found in a cage with little food and little water, so it was suspected she went back to life saving burying and eating very little. But I got home, put all her bedding in, put her house in, and some food and a water bottle.

❤ Things WILL get better and your heart will mend, I promise you.

❤ Feel free to comment below on your fur babies that have passed over the rainbow bridge.

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