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“If I’m making a stir fry, I’ll just whack some pomegranate molasses in.

It’s really great for salad dressings, and it’s lovely drizzled on ice cream.

You can do it in a matter of minutes and it’s a lot less aggressive than bashing a poor pomegranate with a spoon. It’s a magical fruit that deserves your reverence,” she says.

Red fruits – pomegranates and watermelon in particular – play a special role in Persian winter solstice celebrations.

It’s a tradition that is a really important part of our year.”The olive groves of Ramsar in northern Iran provide the region with an abundance of rich, nutty and intensely flavoursome oil and fruit.

There’s a lovely versatility there, and I think their little ruby-red jewels make all dishes seem even more enticing.“I love them.

Khan visited pomegranate farms during the several months she spent travelling in Iran while writing The Saffron Tales.

“There are so many different varieties in terms of sweetness and sharpness.

On the longest night of the year, they symbolize the coming dawn. Yaldā Night) falls on December 21, and has its origins in Zoroastrianism (one of the world’s oldest religions).

Khan says it’s the second most significant Persian festival, with the most important being Nowruz (Persian New Year) in March.“Every year my parents normally throw a winter solstice party at their house.

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