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All Kings and Pharaoh’s had different Egyptian Hieroglyphs for symbol identification.

Both the Symbol and name of Khyan is on the base of his Shrine.

I first walked down a gorge to the left of a Cliff and climbed to a Bench of the Cliff. ( this is the reason GEK is not associated with smithsonian he was working for a person working for smithsonian) The Tunnel is presently on Cliff Wall 395 feet above the present flow of Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

There was a Trail on the Cliff Bench that was deeply worn into the Rock Formation. Archaeologist estimate the Man Made Cavern is around 3,000 years old.

The Archaeological meaning of the power Beams radiating to the Hieroglyphic symbols for the Ancient Kings Hieroglyphic Symbols means Khyan, Khian or Khayan was a powerful King in Egypt.

Khyan, Khian or Khayan was recorded as a Decendent of Zaphnath or (Joseph) that was the King of Egypt from 1610 to 1580 at Avaris Egypt where King Zatnnath ruled Egypt from also.

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The Egyptian name of Zaphnath or (Joseph) is one of their Ancestors.

This Egyptian Tunnel City was named Kincaids Cave for G. Kincaid who first entered the Cave when he was working for S. This Cave was named Powells Cave because John Westly Powell discovered the Cave .

This Picture is the entrance to Powells Cave in the Grand Canyon.

This may be the reason that his Shrine was not ever covered with a hammered Gold Sheet of thin Gold.

The Egyptian Urnes found in Powells Cave in the Grand Canyon are now on display at the Smithsonian Institute at Washington DC.

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