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“Come around Saturday and Sunday, especially feeling real fresh, guys will want to play football. Agholor said news of the upcoming opponent will “get to us however it does …

I focus on playing.” Long said he might take a few notes on his phone. “We’ve earned the right to sit and watch games for a week, and play one less game,” Long said.

Further research is needed to explore the nature, prevalence, and impact of ECT use for both abusive and non-abusive purposes within adolescent dating relationships, in addition to whether this creates new victims or perpetrators of such abuse.

Corner Ronald Darby said he enjoyed the chance to work on “communication things” with the rest of the secondary. Pad leverage.” The players will have the weekend off, before reconvening Monday, when they will know who will be coming to visit Jan. Long said the Eagles’ schedule this week is similar to what he experienced last year with the Patriots. “I don’t know if it’s the unknown of who it is, I think it’s just, ‘Let’s get it going.’ ” Most of the players interviewed said they plan to watch this weekend, some more intently than others.

“Consistently getting off the rock, using my hands better,” rookie defensive end Derek Barnett said, when asked what he has worked on. “I don’t want to say it’s universal, but I’m sure a lot of teams do the thing where you get a couple days, you work a couple days, you get a couple Asked if the hardest part is not knowing the opponent yet, Long echoed Bradham, saying that in a way, it will be tough to watch the playoffs start without you. Asked if he would take notes as he watched, Darby said: “I’m going to be watching, but the note-taking will probably take place later Sunday, after we know who we’re going to play.” “I’m not really a big football watcher,” said Agholor, who said he would watch film this weekend, just not live games.

The Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons, 27-10, in the NFC Championship game on January 23, 2005. Definitely odd, said cornerback Jalen Mills, who is used to tailoring his preparation to the receivers and quarterbacks he’s about to face.

“It’s definitely different,” linebacker Nigel Bradham said. Mills said he has started to look at film of the Saints, Panthers, and Falcons, though it’s hard to go in depth on three teams at once. “As the season goes on, your fundamentals may drop a little bit, because of fatigue or the body wearing down.

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