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The other contestants attempt to take some, but he punches them down. Stan laughs and says he likes that contestant's style. One woman calls Mabel "bad" and asks how much one is. Unfortunately, Stan spots her and is mad at her for giving it away for free. She puts stickers that say "Please" and "Thank you" on Stan.

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If Mabel earns more, Stan has to sing a song about apologizing and to let Mabel run the shack for the rest of the summer.

She first asks Wendy how to make the shack more friendly. Then she shows Dipper his wolf costume, and she then puts it in the paper shredder destroying it.

Wendy says she wants to hang out with friends while at work. She then tells Dipper to find a creature in the forest for an attraction.

August 9, 2013 (Asia)September 4, 2013 (France)October 3, 2013 (Poland)October 5, 2013 (CEE)November 18, 2013 (Germany)January 14, 2014 (Spain and Portugal)December 6,2013 (Turkey)January 29, 2014 (Italy) When Mabel questions the way Stan runs the Mystery Shack, he challenges her to a bet – whoever can make the most money in three days wins the chance to run the Shack however they wish for the rest of the summer.

Mabel takes the bet and implements a new bossing method that coddles her employees and gives them the freedom to follow their hopes and dreams.

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