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We demonstrate the feasibility of combining RAD-seq and WGS to rapidly map exotic variants in nonmodel organisms.Our results identify the basis of the longstanding white tiger mystery as the same gene underlying color variation in human, horse, and chicken and highlight its significance as part of the species’ natural polymorphism that is viable in the wild.Het JC-virus (JCV) is een menselijk polyomavirus (oude benaming: papovavirus) en is genetisch vergelijkbaar met het BK-virus en SV40.JCV, ontdekt in 1971, is aanwezig in de meeste mensen maar veroorzaakt alleen ziekte (waaronder progressieve multifocale leukencefalopathie) in geval van immuundeficiëntie, zoals bij aids, of immunosuppressie, zoals bij patiënten met orgaantransplantatie.One of our favorite images was a barefoot shot of the actor/model sitting on the floor and wearing red and white. No foot fetishes here—the contrasts were just very simple and pure.Plus, well, the merino wool Adam Eve sweater is madd sexy.Jensen's 12-page editorial was lensed by Derrick Santini, the well-known fashion photographer who also was behind the recent K-Swiss campaign where Jensen made a cameo.

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2519374754that's my number call me love and appreciate this man's talents. wish people would get it together about great things. We suggest that southward migration of grasslands in response to these wetter conditions aided the spread of Mongol Empire steppe pastoralists across Asian drylands.Conversely, net drying over the 20th century has led to drought that is unprecedented for the past ∼830 years, and that could intensify with further heating of the Asian continent.Here we present geological evidence, underpinned by radiometric dating and dendrochronology, and bolstered by hydrological modeling, indicating that wetter-than-present conditions characterized the core of the inner Asian desert belt during the Little Ice Age, the last major Northern Hemispheric cold spell of the Holocene.These wetter conditions accompanied northern mid-latitude cooling, glacier expansion, a strengthened/southward-shifted boreal jet, and weakened south Asian monsoons.

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