Who is lukas haas dating

Lukas is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling and people who can expand his horizons, teach him something, or show him places and worlds he has never experienced before.

Sharing a philosophy or ideal with his love partner is important to him.

Lukas Haas needs not to avoid berating himself for these "bad" choices; instead, he needs to learn what he can from them.

Haas' ties to his mother are very strong and Lukas also seeks nurturing and protection from his spouse and other family members.He is intensely amorous and attractive to the opposite sex, and is not inclined to friendly platonic relationships.There is a great deal of tension in his love relationships - often because Lukas Haas puts his desires ahead of his partner's, and is impatient to have his love needs satisfied.Lukas Haas has an inner poise and balance that enables him to act in a cool, efficient manner during emotional trauma and stress.He maintains his perspective and objectivity about highly charged emotional issues - sometimes to the chagrin of others who might wish that Haas would react more intensely.

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