Who tyler perry dating now

‘I feel lucky to have had so many parental figures and such a varied experience.

They say “it takes a village” [to raise a child] and I think my story gives new meaning to that.

I always wanted a big, happy family.’ This may have something to do with the fact that her own upbringing was unconventional, to say the least.

She’s happily settled with a Brit in North London and best friends with Kate Moss and the Beckhams.

Now US actress Liv Tyler is perfecting her English credentials (and swotting up on the nation’s history) in the BBC’s big new autumn drama It's Saturday afternoon in London’s Primrose Hill and I am sitting with a rock chick, dithering over whether to order cocktails or smoothies.

Born when her mother was in her early 20s and single (Bebe had a brief fling with Tyler while in an on-off relationship with Rundgren, which ended soon afterwards), Liv was raised by her aunt and uncle in rural Maine and her grandmother in Virginia.

She returned to Manhattan – and her mother – at the age of 12, not long after discovering the real identity of her father.

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